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The Blue Whale Challenge and How to Spot a Player

This article is a report on the Blue Whale Challenge – an Internet phenomenon that is claimed to have caused the suicides of hundreds of youth all over the world. The article details the development of the game in the media. At the end is a list of behaviors to


It is said that in the United States, a country that boasts its beliefs in equality and liberty, a woman, in her lifetime, makes only about 78% of what a man makes. This figure, called the gender pay gap, is controversial because most people misunderstand what it actually means. Some

Immense Gratitude to our Leaders

Karma Choden This monsoon has seen one of the worst floods leading to road blocks, damages to the bridges, homes and even taking a few lives. But it is in this worst situation we have seen the best of leadership, compassion, sympathy and empathy of our leaders. It was the presence

Devastation of Bhutan’s Most Famous Trek Route

By Yeshey Dorji I am perhaps among the very few Bhutanese who have trekked to almost all the highest regions of the country. I have trekked the Tsokar-Tsonag-Terdalhatso-Gosung areas in Singye Dzong. I have trekked the Nagchungla and Jumokungkhar regions in Merak in the eastern parts of the country. In the central

Evolution of Kamni and Rachu, the way I witnessed

Wangcha Sangey In the 1950s and 1960s, kamni and rachu were scarce possessions. In a village only a few had them. Rachu for most was actually ‘pangkhep’ used for carrying babies on the backs. Kamni was coarse or smooth cotton cloth that few could afford. People were, therefore, quite innovative. The

Kill The Art And You Really Hang Yourself

Jurmi Chhowing A friend of mine made a short charming little film (height-puns intentional). But size is relative. It was called The Red Door. He had no money. Grounded in the artistic principles of the old order, he wanted to make his film his way. And not the box-office highway. Faithful

Foreign work force: An integral element of Bhutanese economy

Kezang Namgyel One of Bhutan’s spectacular attempt to redefine an alternative development paradigm that thrust happiness as the centerpiece of our development philosophy and our unprecedented effort in conserving its pristine natural environment has drawn numerous accolades in the international arena. We are now praised as a global leader in environmental

The missing link

By Nidup Gyeltshen Bhutan’s economy perhaps learnt its biggest lessons, having experienced one of the biggest economic woes in 2012. The general atmosphere was hyped, many recommendations poured in and the media and the local economists were looking for the synonym of ‘crisis.’ In the end, it all boiled down to consumption.

The Unemployables

A young man from Trashigang, Pema, came to the capital seeking better opportunities. Having dropped out of school after class 12, the 21-year-old traveled all the way from his small village with hopes of landing a job. Seven months and numerous interviews later, he is still jobless. And, he is not