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My father’s Fairy Godmother – Kezang Choden

My father is sick. I’m always angry at how unfair this is. He has a beautiful soul, free from the superficial desires of the human mind. Why him? He has never caused harm to anyone. In fact, he’s quite popular among his colleagues, everyone wanting to pair with him for

Just Hit Send by Grasshopper – KEZANG CHODEN

I probably make a big deal out of some things. My friend says, “But you wouldn’t be Kezang if you didn’t overact to everything.” Well, this is not one of those times. When I say that this book is an absolute thunderstorm, the word doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The Year that was 2017 – Dawa Tamang

  My year started with a new chapter, I left my previous job and headed for Thimphu. That time, I had only 14k in my pocket, and that was the last salary cheque I received from my previous job. I booked an apartment in Thimphu and I wasn’t sure whether I

World AIDS Day 2017 – Amrith Bdr Subba

Understanding HIV infection as an issue of national importance  Against all the odds, the world has made a significant progress in its fight against HIV and AIDS over the years. As we observe the World AIDS Day today, it’s appropriate that we reflect on how we could continue to work together