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A State of Importance – Jurmi Chhowing

  The bad leaders of the world keep disappointing me with their threats of inaction. Put your money where your mouth is and swallow a grenade. Or sit on a stick of dynamite. Whichever way you’d like to get blown. And we’ll pay homage to your explosiveness. In the pantheon of capitals,

Soft Skills that employers value – Abhijit Bhaduri

If your resume is not on LinkedIn, it is harder for you to be seen in the job market. More than half a billion (562 million if you are one for precision) people have joined LinkedIn. India is LinkedIn’s fastest-growing and largest market outside the US. It is also a

Facebook and privacy – Dr Philip Lee Miller

  I have been warning everyone for the last 20 years about privacy issues. Nobody seemed to care much. We had an early warning from Jeffrey Rothfeder, Privacy for Sale: How Computerization Has Made Everyone’s Private Life an Open Secret published in 1992. This was before the Internet was born in

Elections 2018 – FUMBLY

  Elections for the National Assembly are nearly here, and we’ve been told all kinds of things by all kinds of people, some of whom have tried to convince us they care for us a lot, even though it is the first time they’ve seen us. In our Parliamentary system of

How WeChat might change the 2018NA election result! – RABI C DAHAL

  Free media is a cornerstone of democracy.It plays a vital role in influencing political discourse during elections. Free and balanced traditional media (print and broadcast) foster transparency and the dissemination of important electoral information. The rise of new media such as WeChat, Twitter, and Facebook provides further avenues and possibilities

These Are Sensational Times – Jurmi Chhowing

  (Wikipedia: Fake news is a type of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media. It’s mainly distributed by social media but is periodically circulated through mainstream media. Its intent is to mislead in order

Prove Me Wrong – Jurmi Chhowing

  The hacks are back scrutinizing the politicians. And the politicians – wolf and cub - are at it again, promising the end of your misery. The circus spirals out of control every five years and hits the streets. It’s the third coming but the first and the second ought to have

The Degenerate Party of Torchlights – Jurmi Chhowing

  First up, just so you know, I’m not an adherent of any political party. The last time I was, the year was 2008, and I became an unwilling yet active participant of the democratic process that ended rather ignominiously for the headlining party in 2013. And like me, many came out