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Why I Don’t Pursue Happiness – Sonam Pelden

Every few months, my mind crowds and I lose my ability to concentrate. It lasts three days or a week, or, catastrophically, two; my writing stalls out and soon after, so does my speech. For years, the remedies were books and late-night comedy specials—they still do the trick, but a

Ap Genyen Is Leaving The Lhakhang – Jurmi Chhowing

To, Guru Rinpoche Copper-Colored Mountain of Glory Land of Rakshas. Subject: Leave of Absence Namo! My All Conquering Vajra Master, Before I get down to the worldly details regarding this requisition for an indefinite Leave of Absence, I apologize for the intrusion into the transcendent work with which you are engaged in the Land of Rakshas. I’m certain

A Vote for Yaks and Meadows – Jurmi Chhowing

I’m tired of partisan politics.  It took over 100 years of patience, precaution and planning to build the country today we are so proud of being proud of. Let us not tear it down in 10. It has taken the Greeks more than 2000 years to refine their democracy and they are

A Question of Intent – Jurmi Chhowing

(Act 1: Synopsis) Dasho (Dr.) Sonam Kinga presents the synopsis of his forthcoming book, ‘Political Contests as Moral Battles’ on his Facebook Page. Dasho Sonam Kinga is a two-time member of the National Council (one-term Chairperson) and a recipient of the prestigious Red Scarf from His Majesty the King. In other

A State of Charity – Jurmi Chhowing

I watched the presidential debate. This is my ricochet. The PDP promised The Blazing Sun. The DNT a Full New Moon. The BKP a Shooting Star. And the DPT a Familiar Twilight. But I’m not convinced about the Celestial Display or the Lightning Fireworks. Whichever party comes to power, I

DPT begins campaign from Paro

Inaugurating the Dzongkhag party office in Paro, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) officially began its election campaign for the primary round of the National Assembly elections from Paro on Thursday morning. DPT President Pema Gyamtsho met with the people of Lamgong-Wangcha constituency in Paro. He told the congregation of around 400 people that

It’s The Time To Disco – Jurmi Chhowing

First up, I know I’m not gonna party with the DPT; no matter what kind of a party they intend to put on. That party has tired me out from the last party they sprung up. I’m still reeling from the nausea. And as to the other three parties, I’m

The Manifesto for a Quieter Revolution – Jurmi Chhowing

  Ladies and Gentlemen, Lads and Lassies, and Others of a Certain Ilk; May I welcome you to The Manifesto for a Quieter Revolution? Please do not ask any ‘questions’. Instant questions demand faster answers and that is the birth of all noise.This, on the other hand, is The Manifesto for a Quieter