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Youth need role models

A recent report on mental health status of adolescents in South-East Asia revealed that Bhutan has the highest number of (24.6%) smokers in the region. Bhutan also has the highest number of adolescents using other tobacco products at 29.3% followed by Timor-Leste (27.1%) and Thailand (14%). Despite complete ban on tobacco sales

Fiscal Incentives: a democracy debate

There is déjà vu in the air. The ruling government pulled the former to court in 2010 for not abiding by the Supreme Law of the land when it imposed vehicle taxes without seeking the parliament’s approval. That time, mudslinging and name calling ensued; this time too, we see a repeat. Only


In a recent first of its kind consultative workshop organized by the Bhutan National Law Institute and Journalists Association of Bhutan, members of the judiciary, and the media came together to seek answers and find solutions to questions mainly associated with judicial reporting and coverage. The workshop involved discussions on issues


A hue and cry followed the Sherig Lyonpo’s less than flattering comments on Bhutanese doing cleaning jobs in Australia. His comments were supposedly indicative of an attitude that looks down upon blue-collar jobs as “shitty.” At the end, Lyonpo had to extend an apology to the many whose feathers he

Why We Must Vote

Come September 27, the nation will go to the polls again. This time to elect leaders of the local government (LG). This electoral exercise at the local government level is highly significant for the deepening of democratic governance at the grassroots level. The second phase of the LG election is a

Kudos to the heroes!

In recent weeks, we have witnessed Nature raging fast and furious. A spate of disasters have occurred in the country’s southern belt – bridges have collapsed, settlements and shops were washed away, highways and entire villages have been cut off due to blockades, and river banks are inundated. All this has


Few vocations are deemed as callings. And teaching is one of them: the profession is supposed to be “respectable and dignified”. It is one of the most demanding professions a person can ever take up. Teachers mold the nation’s future and the impression that one teacher makes can inspire an

BBIN: More than meets the eye

A year since the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal motor vehicle agreement was signed and the multilateral agreement still draws different reactions from various sections of the society. While the government is pushing for it, it is also drawing a lot of flak from the Opposition and Bhutanese truckers even put up

Transparency & accountability needed to implement DDG

The National Budget Report for the Financial Year 2016-17 released by the finance ministry states that the Dzongkhag Development Grant has been initiated whereby Nu 7mn will now be allocated for each dzongkhag. A share of the HRD budget will also go to the dzongkhags for “professionalizing civil service”. The

Democratic indecision?

Bhutanese democracy is less than a decade old. And within this short span of time we have already seen the power and potentialities actors playing their part in the field can wield notwithstanding the pitfalls they are prone to. One strong criticism the ruling government has received so far is that