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Misguided religion?

What is religion? Many would say it is a quest for salvation or nirvana. Others would say it is a set of rules and regulations that steer you from morally wrong activities to the right ones. But can religion be defined so simply? Not only are the deeply entrenched belief

Empower the disabled

Bhutan’s disabled might just have it tougher Apart from the actual disabilities they suffer, they are vulnerable to social stigma because many tend to believe that the fate they are suffering is a result of their karmic deeds in present or past life. It is sad that they have to struggle with

Caring for the elderly: A tradition in danger

We have always believed in strong filial piety and community bond. In fact, this is one distinct trait that sets the Bhutanese apart from most other societies. We are closely interconnected and our lives and bonds, interwoven. We belong to a society where neighbors drop by without asking, and friends

Channeling sex power

  A study by United Nations Children’s Fund Bhutan and National Commission for Women and Children revealed that 20% of children aged from 13-17 were exposed to pornography. The report also stated that 41.7% of boys and 28.7% of girls are exposed to digital pornography of other people. What does this have

Authorities and Accountability

In an evaluation blunder, the Royal Civil Service Examination failed to clear 97 graduates in the prelims. Though a possible mishap involving the graduates’ prospects was averted after the mistake was identified, think of it: had it not been detected, who would be accountable? The Supreme Court is of the stand

Corporatizing JDWNRH: Weigh the pros & cons

  A high-level committee has been ordered to look into and submit a proposal for the corporatization of the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital (JDWNRH). The opposition is claiming that this is unconstitutional because it supposedly goes against the constitutional mandate of providing free healthcare to all citizens. It also said the


The government stands to forego revenue worth Nu 14bn due to GST implications: more specifically, Nu 12bn worth excise duty refund and Nu 2bn in Green Tax and Sales Tax. This is huge money. It was estimated that by 2015 end alone, hydropower projects in the country would generate revenue worth

Vehicle loan directive: Headed right

The Royal Monetary Authority’s (RMA) directive to reduce the loan to value ratio for vehicles from 50% to 30% has sparked off ambivalent reactions from different sections of the society including stakeholders. While some banks and dealers are worried that their customer base might be affected, some are of the opinion

Women deserve more than drayangs!

  Media recently reported on the various challenges that drayang workers face. Everyone is aware that when one thinks of drayangs, the image that comes to mind is of dingy, smoky rooms where women are either being pimped or the women themselves act in questionable and sexually blatant manners, by choice

Elections 2018: More the merrier?

Bhutan currently has five registered political parties and if talks doing the rounds are to be believed, two more are in the making, taking the number to seven. Till now, we have believed that in politics, the more the merrier. It also goes with the underlying democratic principle of more options