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Channeling sex power

  A study by United Nations Children’s Fund Bhutan and National Commission for Women and Children revealed that 20% of children aged from 13-17 were exposed to pornography. The report also stated that 41.7% of boys and 28.7% of girls are exposed to digital pornography of other people. What does this have

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Authorities and Accountability

In an evaluation blunder, the Royal Civil Service Examination failed to clear 97 graduates in the prelims. Though a possible mishap involving the graduates’ prospects was averted after the mistake was identified, think of it: had it not been detected, who would be accountable? The Supreme Court is of the stand

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Youth need role models

A recent report on mental health status of adolescents in South-East Asia revealed that Bhutan has the highest number of (24.6%) smokers in the region. Bhutan also has the highest number of adolescents using other tobacco products at 29.3% followed by Timor-Leste (27.1%) and Thailand (14%). Despite complete ban on tobacco sales

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