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The jobless issue

The government is making good strides on the unemployment front. At least that is what we can say so going by the recent Bhutan Living Standards Survey (BLSS) Report 2017 that was launched last week. The national unemployment rate in 2017 is estimated at 2% compared to 2.7% in 2012, according

HIV: Act responsible

In the last six months, 22 new HIV cases were detected in the country. While authorities try to advocate on the importance of having safe sex, the fact that the highest percentage of these cases (36% each) comprised housewives and farmers reveal that the illiterate are most vulnerable and much remains

Fight alcoholism with discipline

The government had to pay Nu 27mn in healthcare expenses for alcohol-related diseases last year, up by Nu 1mn in 2015. And records reveal that alcohol is the leading cause of killers among the top ten. We see an anomaly between policies and implementation: while we have an alcohol reduction policy, the

Elderly care must be priority

  According to a National Statistics Bureau projection, ageing population in Bhutan comprising people 60 years and above tend to increase every year. In 2016, ageing population was 56,827 out of a total population of 768,577 and this increased to 58,804 in 2017 out of a total population of 779,666. With

Quality matters!

There was this popular aphorism a few years ago that if you spit out of the window of your building along the capital’s main street, it might certainly land on top of a graduate’s head. It was basically used over casual conversation, albeit in a mocking way, to depict how

SDF: The balancing act

A sustainable development fee (SDF) of Nu 500 is going to be imposed on regional tourists visiting the country from January 1 next year. This was introduced as a measure to mitigate carbon footprints from heavy influx of visitors and consequences such as cultural dilution among others. Hypothetically, an Indian family of

Encourage entrepreneurs

The recent startup weekend at the College of Science and Technology might just be the beginning of a culture that encourages much-needed entrepreneurship while building skills and a conducive environment for youth who are planning to pursue a career charted out for innovation and out-of-the-box ideas. It is a well-known fact

East-West Highway: A behemoth blunder

It has been almost four years since the government undertook widening of the East-West highway but the ambitious plan has gone seriously wrong somewhere. First, a journey by bus from Thimphu to Trashigang that is supposed to take 20 hours well lengthens into the wee hours of night and sometimes when

Making accommodation accessible

“Buildings, buildings everywhere; not one apartment to stay!” could well become the anthem of Thimphu folks. Construction is booming: an increasing number of buildings are cropping up but ask anyone in the capital and he or she will say that the scarcest resource in town is accommodation. And house owners are

Suicide: prepare youth for life

Recently, a student from the Royal Thimphu College committed suicide. Informal records reveal that about five students from the college have committed suicide so far. According to the National Suicide Registry of the health ministry, Bhutan saw 92 suicides last year, an increase from an average of 73 cases annually recorded