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Prioritize development first  

Come 2023, the capital city, Thimphu, will be an example to the rest of the world. We would be living in a model city that is culturally vibrant, progressive, safe, and environment friendly - a livable capital, so to say. That’s what we are told. That’s the dream Thimphu Thromde and

Practice what you preach!

Representatives from political parties in a panel discussion organized by the Bhutan Democracy Dialogue in Thimphu almost over a month ago smugly vowed to refrain from corrupt practices and mudslinging to achieve their political goal. They also agreed to conduct themselves more responsibly during and after the election period. However, this is

Women empowerment: The freedom to choose

With the National Council (NC) elections just round the corner, a lot is being said about women’s low participation for leadership roles. From 172 NC candidates, only nine were women. Women have never had it easy. From juggling house chores, family and work to being a superefficient manager, mum and wife;

Incentivize tourism in the east

Tourism in Bhutan has come a long way since the coronation of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo when the country first officially opened to tourism in 1974. Since then the numbers of tourists have soared from a few hundreds to millions today. Besides the numbers, tourism has been pivotal to the nation

Clean elections ahead?

The third parliamentary elections that we will witness some months away may perhaps be a clean one without political parties resorting to corrupt practices and mudslinging. This is at least going by what political parties pledged during a panel discussion a month ago at RITH in Thimphu that was organized by

Bringing women on board!

It’s heartening that the number of aspiring candidates wishing to contest in the National Council elections has increased substantially compared to the past. A total of 142 aspiring candidates have registered for the NC elections as of October last year. And while women’s participation as candidates has also increased this

Private sector must receive priority

Our private sector is supposed to be the engine of growth for the economy. And the government seems to acutely want to project the image that it is helping the private sector grow. But the ground reality is this is definitely not happening. A World Bank study last year revealed that

Goodbye 2017, welcome new year

The year 2017 was another eventful journey for Bhutan and its people From the Doklam issue to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation by the Government of India, Bhutan felt the repercussions of a political crisis and that of a major economic reform by its closest neighbor and ally, India. Bhutan

Democracy and democratic ideals!

The ultimate aim of any democracy is to create an informed citizenry or an informed public. This is based on the rationale that people in a democracy have the right to determine their own future. They have the right to choose which party or government should govern them. However, in

Secure our youth

Three teams from the Royal Thimphu College (RTC) are gearing up for the famous Mekong Business Challenge 2017-18, which is scheduled on March 17 next year in Thimphu. The challenge will involve teams from the Mekong region and others like Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Yunnan Province, China. The