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Give youth a chance

We often have the habit of talking about the “good, old days.” What exactly does that mean? Generally, it would mean we are experiencing a wistfulness for the past when life was slower, less consumerism and materialism existed, you didn’t have to keep up with the Joneses, ladies were ladies and

Journalism: A calling

“I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon,” said Tom Stoppard, a Czech-born British playwright and screenwriter, knighted in 1997. Journalism, in this sense, is more than a job or an easy route to a paycheck. It is a calling.

Our passenger transport services

As if after a deep slumber for many years, it was surprising to come across the recent notification issued by the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA)on the rules and rates that were to be followed for the carriage of luggage in passenger transport services. The notification articulates that a passenger

National Council elections 2018

The third new set of 20 members of the Upper House representing the 20 districts has been formally chosen in the National Council elections held yesterday. We offer our heartiest felicitations to the winning candidates who have been elected and it goes without saying that those who have not been through

Stop atrocities against women and girls

A 30-year-old anesthesia technician has been detained for raping a patient attendant on the night of April 5 at the national referral hospital in Thimphu. The technician has also confessed to having sexual intercourse with the 28-year-old patient attendant after injecting her anesthetic drug. A 39-year-old vice principal of a private

Turning ideas into reality

Ideas don’t often turn into reality. It’s undoubtedly difficult, whether as an entrepreneur or corporate executive, to give ideas life. If it were so easy, everyone would do it. It would have been just that simple. But with the inception of the Startup Weekend, the arduous task to turn one’s ideas

An apolitical civil service

As we gear up for the third parliamentary elections, civil service is increasingly becoming a place where political parties are headhunting for potential and prospective candidates. It is, therefore, nothing wrong when a political party approaches a civil servant, even those holding a high post. However, the problem arises when

The other side of social media

Contemporary lives have become unimaginable today without the social media considering the average time an individual spends today on these sites. Whatever said and done, it is not something that is going to go away soon. Albeit we may be a little far away physically in terms of being called a

Making jobs attractive!

A timely intervention, albeit late, the labor ministry has begun making it mandatory for all organizations in the private sector to institute provident fund scheme for their employees by May 31 this year. It’s also heartening to know that the labor ministry would strictly monitor the implementation of this scheme in

Exercising one’s franchise!

Are you going to vote in the upcoming elections this time? The common answer that we are likely to get on asking a motley group vis-à-vis the upcoming National Council elections is: ‘Nah, not this time. But I am definitely voting in the next one or in the main elections’. This is