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Hydropower: investment at what cost?

Bhutan’s hydropower projects seem to have turned the proverbial white elephant. According to the Royal Monetary Authority’s annual report 2017, the country’s hydropower debt has quadrupled to Nu 123.85bn from Nu 31.45bn in the last six years. A World Bank report released the same year states that Bhutan is at high risk

Wake up civil servants!

Our government agencies and civil servants have a lot to work on. Apart from the fact that the authorities have many development activities to their credit and made service delivery easier and more accessible through  modern, online facilities like the G2C, many glitches still exist in customer service delivery. If you have

Rural-Urban migration

Go back to the roots About 62% of the country’s population lives in the rural areas. However, there is a cancer-like ailment growing in the rural backwaters, which is threatening the well being of the people. According to the Population and Housing Census of Bhutan 2017, 21.7% of people have migrated

Continue fight against HIV/AIDS

The numbers may not be alarming, but the worrying thing is records, while negligible, show a consistent increase in HIV/AIDS cases in the country in recent years. The health ministry declared having detected another 27 new HIV/AIDS cases last week. This recent announcement comes after 22 new HIV/AIDs cases were declared

Civil service role and political priorities

Contrary to past elections, we are seeing an increasing number of civil servants getting into politics. It’s not only resigned senior civil servants, who are setting foot in politics after resignation, but there is also an increasing number of civil servants who are resigning to contest in the 2018 elections. Interestingly, civil

Rice self-sufficiency conundrum!

For Bhutan to achieve its vision of food self-sufficiency, a major hurdle against this goal is the scarcity of rice produced in the country despite the presence of other food items such as maize and other cereals. Simply put, we eat more rice than what we produce or what we can

Political year begins

Like it or not, the political jostling for 2018 is well underway. Political parties are setting out their priorities and positions, while also simultaneously declaring and announcing new party candidates as they gear up for the third parliamentary elections this year. The Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party (BKP), for instance, is actively using

Not in a day!

It must go without saying that women’s representation in politics is important. To have proportional women representation in the parliament is important. This is considering the fact that an increased women’s representation in parliament or local governments for that matter will ensure that women’s voices are heard equally when it

And so comes another raise!

It’s heartening for civil servants that there will be another salary raise in the 12th Plan, according to the draft plan drafted by GNH Commission. Of the Nu 73bn provision for pay and allowance in the 12th Plan, Nu 20bn would reportedly cover the salary raise. The upcoming salary raise is

Art of healing

Currently, Bhutan is no doubt seeing an upsurge in the arts. Many alternative filmmakers, animators and contemporary artists are creating critically-acclaimed works. Institutes like VAST have made art and creativity in and happening. They have produced a young crowd with incredible zeal, talent and positive energy. Most recently, theatre has also been making