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Accepting other’s right to their view

As the dates for the election draw closer, political brawl between the two parties, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) and Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT), has also intensified. While political candidates are busy preparing and attending common forums and fortifying their position in their constituencies, the two party presidents are also aggressively in

As the reckoning draws

We have less than three weeks to go before the general polls. The decision will be the reckoning. People have a great responsibility on their hands. To select the government of the day. And decide the course of democracy in the country. It is not only our duty to exercise our franchise

Analyzing the primary elections 2018

Well, the results of the primary elections 2018 are out. The runners up Druk Phuensum Tshogpa came out as the surprise winner. Despite all the negative mileage it has received in recent times including reruns of the seditious party tag and accusations from some quarters, it fought its battles well, and

Political rhetoric versus truth?

The ovens are heating up. With elections only about a week away and political campaigns in full swing, social media has recently become a crucible for heated discussions, mudslinging, fake news and defamatory comments. However, what recently made the headlines and added fuel to the already roaring fires was the recent social

The election campaign is in full swing. We saw the manifestoes of the four parties pledge big things. We also saw the presidential debate hinge on petty politics to promise making. Now, we are seeing the common forums where the candidates are trying their best to sell dreams, a lot of

When party coordinators go berserk

Political coordinators and party workers are unquestionably important in politics as agents of political parties for promotional, administrative and fundraising activities. As ambassador or messenger of a political party or candidate, party coordinators are the key players that people at the grassroots look upon. And it goes without saying that these

The politics of being apolitical

True to what the Chief Advisor of the Interim Government, Chief Justice Tshering Wangchuk, emphasized during the Interim Government’s first press conference last Tuesday, political neutrality is sometimes taken so seriously that a mere conversation on and about politics becomes a taboo especially among the so-called apolitical section of our

As we head to the polls

Politics and elections are taking position of prominence and importance lately, going by reports in the media and talks doing the round in town. Most events and activities for now have at least something to do with politics or the upcoming elections. A sense of urgency and busyness, among political parties

Reflecting on a decade of democracy

  It has been another historic milestone for Bhutan last week as the second National Assembly dissolved on Wednesday, thus marking the successful completion of a decade of democracy. In the days to come ahead an interim government would be formed accordingly as per the constitution that stipulates that such a governing

Disaster management Act now!

The recent flashflood in Trashigang has been a reminder call to the nation and the authorities. It has only heightened the sense of urgency and attention that our so called disaster preparedness demands. The last time an earthquake of major proportions struck the country was in 2009. The whole country