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Have you heard about Murphy’s Law? – Lobsang Nima

  Please don’t have a pre-conceived notion and attitude about what is being written as a supposed ‘wacky’ title above. Now Murphy’s Law in the English language is defined as, if something bad/wrong is going to happen, it will. This concept of accepting what is going to happen will happen no

What are we doing to improve food security in Bhutan? – ABIMBOLA ADUBI

    While Bhutan has seen immense growth along with impressive reductions in poverty, it remains a predominantly agriculture-based society, with the majority of the population relying on agriculture for their livelihoods. Most of the country’s arable land is cultivated by small farm holdings – an average size of 1.2 hectares –


  Can a woman really not be able to handle a business or run an organization? Is the scenario of a woman being associated with the household and carrying out the role of a nurturer still predominant? Women have heard statements undermining their skills and qualities in their life just because


The people around the world are different in terms of culture, religion and behaviour. People are also different in terms of gender identity. Gender identity means being a male or female. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) are sometimes categorized as a third gender. In Bhutan, the issue of LGBT

Dzongkha wavers

The use of Dzongkha on a daily basis is not being taken seriously by the Bhutanese and people might see an ugly picture in the future. The mixing of Dzongkha and English while speaking, popularly known as Dzonglish, can be heard almost everywhere from discussion among a group of friends

The Lay Nun At Drakarpo-Yeshey Dorji

  As I sat sipping hot tea on a clearing atop Lhakhang Drakarpo above Shaba in Paro, my horse contractor by my side, I saw an old lady of about 85 wobble up the steep incline; her back was bent with age and burdens unknown; her weather-beaten face was creased with