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GROWING UP – Peky Samal

I imagine myself looking back at my life. What do I see? I see a lot of learning and unlearning. I see a lot of mistakes, some blunders and a little girl growing up to be a woman. Would I have changed anything in my past? No way! Not a single thing! Whether

Bloggers are not journalists – Nawang Phuntsho

To say bloggers are not journalists is to say oranges are not carrots. Bloggers are not journalists. That’s true. But can bloggers become journalists? Maybe. Can journalists be bloggers? Yes. In fact, it would be only proper and appropriate for journalists to blog their opinions as opposed to being ‘politically’

King never sleeps – DORJI WANGCHUK

In Thailand there is a beautiful tradition whereby a king is supposed to stay awake at night. He does not sleep because he has to protect his people who retire from a hard day’s work. The tradition started from the kings of Ayutthaya who were at war with Burmese kingdoms.

Holidays and calendars – DORJI WANGCHUK

  Today is celebrated as another local new year although as per the lunar calendar it is the 12th month of Year of Rooster. Some may be wondering why we have so many new years in Bhutan. Since ancient times different communities around the world, ethnic groups, religions and nations have different

GNH and Alcohol – lobzang nima

The other day when I incidentally turned my eyes on a news channel (Al Jazeera)-the report shocked me. It reported on Bhutan and I was thrilled to see the Dzongs and the magnificence of Thimphu. But hearing carefully to the news, I figured out that the report isn’t worth a

Who are we? – Dorji Wangchuk

National Days are a time to reflect who we are as a nation – just as a birthday is a day that one ponders upon as a person. Who are we? What does it mean to be a Bhutanese? Does wearing a gho or Kira make me Bhutanese? Does simply loving

Follow Bhutan’s Lead With Endangered Species – Mia Taylor

  Bhutan has long been a leader among countries when it comes to carving its own unique path and protecting the natural resources within its borders. The Buddhist kingdom located on the Eastern edge of the Himalayas ranks first in South Asia for such things as economic freedom, peace and being the