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The people around the world are different in terms of culture, religion and behaviour. People are also different in terms of gender identity. Gender identity means being a male or female. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) are sometimes categorized as a third gender. In Bhutan, the issue of LGBT

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Dzongkha wavers

The use of Dzongkha on a daily basis is not being taken seriously by the Bhutanese and people might see an ugly picture in the future. The mixing of Dzongkha and English while speaking, popularly known as Dzonglish, can be heard almost everywhere from discussion among a group of friends

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“Me Thinks” – Pets

Luzee I don’t eat animals, or most subtle , “Anything that can walk on its own.” This is definitely not a reason good to state why I don’t have pets. When we moved base in late 1980s, my family owned a small wooden box which remained tucked under the bed for years.

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