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Is he blind? – Amrith Bdr. Subba

Some years ago, I was walking with my wife in the town when a passerby approached us and asked my wife “Is he blind?” My wife just smiled and said “Yes!”. Then he began to ask her the entire history of how I lost my sight and what I am


  There was this librarian in my junior school. He’s easily the best librarian I have met. From what I remember, he enjoyed being a librarian to more than a thousand kids. He’d go around and talk to us, ask us about what we were reading, make us identify characters on

Make the world a peaceful place – SantRajinder Singh

  Media reports show that youth violence is on the rise. We find children fighting and even killing each other due to prejudices and hatred. How could such young, pure, and innocent children be involved in such tragic crimes? Children learn from adult role models. When they see adults expressing prejudice and

An Entrepreneurial Kitty Party – Sharmila Bhowmick

  Man is defined as a human being and a woman as a female – whenever she behaves as a human being she is said to imitate the male: Simone De Bouvoir I’m thinking of gender and I’m thinking of entrepreneurship. I’m also thinking of what they have to do with each

Disruption by leapfrogging – Abhijit Bhaduri

  I was catching up with an erstwhile colleague, “K”, who was smarting from being passed over in the office. He had expected the big corner office and the perks that go with it. Instead life offered him a googly. Someone his junior had been handpicked by the board to head

Writing with heartfelt gratitude to women – Sadhguru JaggiVasudev

  Some wonder why International Women’s Day should be observed on a single day of the calendar year. Despite President Barack Obama’s declaration of March as “Women’s History Month”, the question persists. Why demarcate a single day or month for a cause? Surely that is patronising to women? Certainly, in an ideal

Will we see seasoned NC members in 2018? – Rabi C Dahal

  Bhutan’s upper parliamentary chamber, the National Council, has been in the headlines these days. All for the good reasons, of course. The house is gearing towards the third parliamentary election that will be held on April 20. Twenty of the 25 members will be elected from the single member constituency


Dear Sir, This is in regard to the article titled “The Sinking Dam Site of Bhutan’s Biggest Hydropower Project Under Construction” written by Mr. Yeshey Dorji and published in the Editorial section of March 03, 2018 issue of Business Bhutan. Please note that there are many factual errors in the article which