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Rethink Education For Moral Empowerment – Farida Vahedi

  We are passing through a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Words such as fear, violence, ethnic and religious cleansing, gender discrimination, moral degradation and gun shooting in schools have lost their original impact. At the same time, we hear of concerted efforts being made across the world towards

Parents must lead by example – Vinita Dawra Nangia

Parenthood is a lifelong commitment and couples must ensure that children do not pay for their mistakes In a TV series, a man having an extra-marital affair tells his brattish grown-up daughter regretfully, “I was supposed to keep you safe from men like me. And I failed in that duty.” He

Why is it that honest people suffer? – A Parthasarathy

  The general grievance everywhere is that the innocent suffer at the hands of the vicious. That the honest are deceived and harassed while the dishonest exploit and prosper. The innocent are frustrated not knowing the reason for this paradox in life. The reason becomes obvious with a study of the

A Stinking Stench and an Alpine Rumpus – Yeshey Dorji

  Over few hundred miles apart – one bang in the center of the capital city Thimphu, another at the extreme fringes of the country’s northern border – two stinks have apparently been fomenting for some time. I wasn’t aware until very recently. The Stinking Stench: The foul stench of raw sewage

Salary raise? umm… – DORJI WANGCHUK

  12th Plan budgets salary raise for civil servants Headline on Kuensel, 19 May 2018 This headline might bring excitements in some people – and solace in others. A pay raise? Yes, of course, why not? It is about time. When was the last raise, anyway? With living standards increasing month by month