Youngest council aspirant from Paro inspired by former US President, Barack Obama

Twenty-eight year old Jangchub Dorji who runs a successful family mushroom growing business in his own hometown is the youngest Na...


Bloggers are not journalists – Nawang Phuntsho

Marriage is a public toilet: Get in or get out! – Lobzang Nima

King never sleeps – DORJI WANGCHUK

Holidays and calendars – DORJI WANGCHUK


Khakey capturing the snowball culture

Good to great Gasa: Getting there

Gasa lives the organic dream

Kusuthara, Surviving the test of time


My father’s Fairy Godmother – Kezang Choden

Looking at parental suicide through the eyes of children who are left behind -Amrith Bdr Subba

Democracy is the best form of government only if you know that no government is perfect in the world – Amrith Bdr Subba

Fighting corruption in Asia and the Pacific – Dasho Neten Zangmo


GST and implications on the Bhutanese economy

In an interview with Business Bhutan’s reporter, Chencho Dema, finance minister Namgay Dorji talks about GST and implications on the Bhutanese economy. Q. Would Bhutan benefit from GS...

If an election, particularly the parliamentary one, is messed up it can put on hold the functioning of the entire national system

Some eight months from now Bhutan will hold the second Parliamentary elections. Three political parties in the making have applied for registration and many more candidates have expressed th

‘Bhutan is such a rich and original country and does not exist anywhere else in the world’

Sabine Verhest studied journalism and photography. She works for La Libre Belgique, a daily leading Belgium newspaper, where she first covered the Europen Union and then directed the Interna


Prices of goods fail to tally post-GST

Labor agent proliferation heats up competition


Women empowerment: The freedom to choose

Incentivize tourism in the east

Clean elections ahead?


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Drug test mandatory before joining civil service

DPT third general party convention to be held 

Opposition slams government for not releasing labor force survey report

PM cautions against deflecting goods





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Bhutan issues a demarche, China yet to respond

Bhutan is yet to receive a response from China after it issued a demarche following the Chinese Army constructing a motor road inside Bhutanese territory. Speaking to Business B

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Well-wishers help couple by the river


Prices of goods fail to tally post-GST

Contrary to prediction, since Bhutanese traders buy from middlemen and have to additionally pay BST, imports from India have turned dearer Two months into the Goods and Services

Labor agent proliferation heats up competition

System failure causes 250 trucks to be stranded

Indian consignments delayed due to confusion over exports