Good to great Gasa: Getting there

Gasa – a place that is immediately associated with soothing hot springs and pristine natural beauty has undergone a sea change sin...


“Me Thinks” – Pets

Rice Cooker Disease?

Remembering Shakespeare on his 400th Anniversary

Is Sloth our national animal?


Good to great Gasa: Getting there

Gasa lives the organic dream

Kusuthara, Surviving the test of time

Poison givers: forbidden tales of suffering


Immense Gratitude to our Leaders

Devastation of Bhutan’s Most Famous Trek Route

Evolution of Kamni and Rachu, the way I witnessed

Kill The Art And You Really Hang Yourself


If an election, particularly the parliamentary one, is messed up it can put on hold the functioning of the entire national system

Some eight months from now Bhutan will hold the second Parliamentary elections. Three political parties in the making have applied for registration and many more candidates have expressed th

‘Bhutan is such a rich and original country and does not exist anywhere else in the world’

Sabine Verhest studied journalism and photography. She works for La Libre Belgique, a daily leading Belgium newspaper, where she first covered the Europen Union and then directed the Interna

All penalties that will merit an issue being violated under the laws of the Land would be invoked

The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) has drafted the Social Media Rules and Regulations prior to the upcoming 2013 elections. During the election period, the policy is to be followed by p


BTFEC funds Nu 29mn for four projects

GST impact on prices of goods yet to be felt


Elections 2018: More the merrier?

Youth need role models

Fiscal Incentives: a democracy debate


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Dengue fever breaks out in three dzongkhags

Indian suppliers stop buying industrial by-products

2,500 plus CSI licenses issued in almost a year

Condom vending machines to be installed by September





International News

Bhutan issues a demarche, China yet to respond

Bhutan is yet to receive a response from China after it issued a demarche following the Chinese Army constructing a motor road inside Bhutanese territory. Speaking to Business B

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Well-wishers help couple by the river


BTFEC funds Nu 29mn for four projects

The Bhutan Trust Fund for Environment Conservation (BTFEC) signed grant agreements with Gross National Happiness Commission and grant recipients for four projects worth Nu 28.9...

GST impact on prices of goods yet to be felt

CIBs to enhance credit facility

Pasakha industries resume exports