BoB introduces Dzongkha language option in their digital platforms

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In celebration of 51 years of service to the nation, Bank of Bhutan Limited (BoB) introduced the Dzongkha versions on its major digital platforms (mBoB, ATM and website) as an initiative to preserve and promote the country’s national language as well as to support the national goal of ‘Financial Inclusion’.

The bank also introduced BoBSmart Key application, an extension to mobile banking services. With this value added service, customers can now avail services through a keyboard in any social messaging application without the need for having to login into mBoB application. Deliberating during the occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of BoB said the national language should always be preserved as it is not just our culture and history, but also a very important aspect of our identity as a nation.

 “The new addition would give clients the option of selecting Dzongkha as their preferred language, making it easier and convenient for those clients who cannot read or write English and, also promoting our local language in the business world,” he added.

Meanwhile, BoB is the first financial institution adopting the national language – Dzongkha – in all its major digital platforms- Official website, mBoB and ATMs.

According to BoB, these digital platforms have helped ease the lives of most of their valued clients and with the language option made available, BoB further aims to make the services more user-friendly and convenient.

Meanwhile, BOBSmart key or Keyboard Banking is a channel intended to provide seamless banking and aimed at promoting better customer experience. Customers with mBoB services will get access to keyboard banking once they update their mBoB application to the latest version.

To use the keyboard banking channel, customers need to enable BOBSmart key as default keyboard after which they can avail services through a keyboard in any social messaging app without the need for having to login into mBoB application. Customers can also use BOBSmart key as normal keyboard.

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